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Please don't judge this game, as it's my first game without following a tutorial and/or using another game as the base. I've been learning the C# coding language recently using Baldi's Basics. My mod for Baldi's Basics is called Baldi's Brand New Game! and I highly recommend checking it out. Baldi's Brand New Game is my project that is currently helping me learn C#. My skills with the C# coding language are pretty decent, but there is still a lot to be improved.


Moon Land is a free-to-play arcade-style game where you protect three moons by shooting lasers to blow up meteors and the alien UFO. The wave will increase until wave 3 depending on how big your score is, making it more intense as the meteors get faster, and start coming down in larger quantities with less time in between. You will have 3 lives to try and survive, but if you fail to protect ANY of the 3 moons 3 times in a row, the game will be over. High-Scores WILL save to a universal file that will be accessed by the game, so if you quit the game and then start it again, your High-Score will be saved, or if you download a new update and then delete the older version, your High-Score will be saved. A small guide is included in the game's files in case you get stuck.


Add Credits | 1

Start Game | Enter/Return

Move | Arrow Keys/W, A, S, D

Shoot Laser | Z/Space

Quit Round/Exit Application | Escape

Reset High-Score | Backspace



These need to be protected in order to stay alive!


Blast lasers to protect the 3 moons from meteors and the alien UFO!


Use these to your advantage in order to survive!


Flies around to distract you from protecting the 3 moons, try to blast them for extra points!


Moon Land v1.0.zip 26 MB

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